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July 6 to 13, 2019

Mendocino Woodlands

Is located in a beautiful redwood forest near the California coast, inland from the town of Mendocino, 175 miles north of San Francisco. Our camp has 4-person enclosed cabins with fireplaces and balconies, and spacious dining and dance halls. If you prefer to tent, there is ample open space and of course, the woods provide their own pleasures.

Our Workshops Offer

A program covering a broad spectrum of music and dance traditions from this tremendously diverse geographical region. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and join us in a nurturing and informal environment.

Middle Eastern folk dance classes, Belly dance classes

Instruction on Middle Eastern classical and folk instruments

Parties with live music

Ensemble coaching, performancesrformances

Ethnic cuisine


Our Dance Teachers

OZGEN (Turkish Style Belly Dance, Turkish Roman)

LEILA FARID (Egyptian Style Belly Dance, Drum Solo)

JILL PARKER (Tribal Style Belly Dance)

MARIA HAMER (Tribal Style Belly Dance)

CHRISTINE ANDREWS (Tribal Style Belly Dance)

SHAHRZAD (Persian Dance )

AUBRE HILL (Egyptian Folk Dance Awalim, Ghawazee)


NAOMI ESHOO (Armenian Folk Dance)

MA*SHUQA MURJAN (Musicality of Movement)



Our Instrument Teachers

GEORGES LAMMAM (Violin, Arabic Singing)

SUREN BARONIAN (Tambourine, Ensemble)

OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK (Turkish Ney, Baglama)


YUVAL RON (Judeo-Arabic Music Traditions)

SCOTT MARCUS (Arabic Nay, Arabic Maqam)

ERIC EDERER (Turkish Arabic oud - Turkish Maqam)

FAISAL ZEDAN (Arabic Percussion - Tablah)

SUSU PAMPANIN (Arabic Tablah)

DROR SINAI (Drum Ensemble)

ROWAN STORM (Dayereh, Daf, Tambourine)

MATIN ESHAGHI (Persian Tar, Persian Setar)

MISAQ ESHAGHI (Persian Kemenche, Persian Percussion)

JIM GRIPPO (Arabic Qanun)


ANDREA FISHMAN (Sephardic Singing)

MATT WRIGHT (Dance Band Coordinator)


Our Guest Teachers

ALI PARIS (Arabic Qanun)

ELIZABETH STRONG (Roman Dance, Tribal)

AMINA GOODYEAR (Egyptian Stayle Belly Dance)

TERRIANNE GUTIERREZ (Egyptian Stayle Belly Dance)

AMEL TAFSOUT (North African Dance)














JOIN US for an exciting adventure which includes: