(August 8 - August 22, 2020)



August 15 – FOCA: Enjoy an all day boat trip to the scenic islands around Foca, swim in the peaceful Aegean sea, watch the crew cook fish on the barbeque especially for you, and serve it for lunch on the boat. Dinner on your own at one of the typical local restaurants.


August 16 – FOCA –: BERGAMA: An exclusive visit to an authentic Romani (Gypsy) community. Hear their stories about the origins of their music, their family and their way of life. At night: A feast of the senses: have dinner and participate in an exclusive jam session with the local Roman (Gypsy) musicians and dancers. Additionally there will be a Romani dance workshop thought by local teachrs.

August 17
– FOCA : Free day to rest or explore the city on your own. Dinner on your own.

August 18 – FOCA – ISTANBUL: Depart early in the morning to Izmir and take a domestic 45 min flight to the great city of Istanbul. Rest in the hotel or explore the city’s amazing markets on your own. Dinner on your own at one of the many typical restaurants of Istanbul.

August 19 – ISTANBUL: City tour to discover the Byzantine and Ottoman treasures of Istanbul: Saint Sophia the church turned mosque turned museum, will take your breath away with the sheer architectural size of its interior and magnificent dome, the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque famous for its delicate blue ceramic tiles and it's 6 minarets and the Topkapi Palace (Imperial Residence of Ottoman Sultans between 15th and 19th Centuries, with its priceless world-class collection of jewelry and rare porcelain). Built on one of the seven hills of Istanbul, a huge complex commands views of the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn.Dinner on our own in one of the typical restaurants in the area.

August 20 – ISTANBUL: It is time for shopping at the spectacular 15th century Grand Bazaar, a covered market with 4,000 shops displaying the best of the best of Turkeys’ handicrafts, instruments, fabrics and antics. Followed by further explorations and shopping. Dinner on your own .in one of the typical restaurants in the area.

August 21 –STANBUL: Today we will enjoy an optional Bosporus boat tour crossing under the Bosporus bridges viewing the mosques, palaces, old wooden villas and the beauty of the Asian side. Additionally there will be a Turkish style belly dance workshop thought by local teacher which will be announced at a later date. Dinner on your own in one of the typical restaurants in the area. .

August 22 – ISTANBUL: Transfer to Istambul airport and fly back home.


Note: Itinerary details may vary and revised by tour organizers at any time

August 8 - Fly on your own and arrive in Kayseri on August 9 and transfer to the hotel in Cappadocia. Most of the participants will be flaying from Los Angeles International Airport. If you are planning to fly from another city please get in touch with the tour operator to coordinate the arrival time at Kayseri Airport. People who will arrive in Cappadocia on their own by flight will be picked up at the airport and transferred to the hotel. Free evening to rest and recover from the travel. Dinner and accommodations at the hotel.

August 9 – CAPPADOCIA: A full day tour of the wondrous beautiful cave city of Cappadocia, a city which has been a sanctuary for Greek Orthodox followers and early Christians for generations. Goreme valley houses the Goreme Open Air Museum, with its churches hewn out of rock and the colorful frescoes which decorate them.. Dinner and accommodations at the hotel.

August 10 – CAPPADOCIA: Anothr full day tour of Cappadocia. The natural Citadel of Uchisar will enable you to get a panoramic view of the region. We will meet the traditional handicraft artists who make tiles, ceramics, pottery and jewelry. In the evening:We will attend a local review show of the various styles of Turkey’s folkloric music and dance traditions which will include dinner.

August 11 – CAPPADOCIA – KONYA: Departure from Cappadocia to Konya, the historical capital of the Seljuk Turks in the 13th century and the home city of the great Mystic Sufi poet Mevlana Jelaleddin - i Rumi. Lunch on your own in one of Konya’s typical restaurants. Visit the burial place of Rumi (Mevlana Museum) and the theological school of Whirling Dervishes. Dinner on your own in one of the many local restaurants.

August 12 KONYA – PAMUKKALE: Departure will be in the morning to Pamukkale. Following your arrival. Your hotel has two indoor and outdoor thermal pools filled with hot springs water as well as a regular outdoor pool. Dinner and accommodations at the hotel.

August 13
PAMUKKALE: We will visit the ruins of ancient Roman spa Hierapolis. Pamukkale (Cotton Castles) is one of the natural wonders of this region . These calcified terraces were formed over thousands of years and their mineral pools are said to aid all sorts of medical aliments. Dinner and accommodations at the hotel.

August 14 PAMUKKALE - EPHESUS - FOCA : Depart early in the morning to Ephesus which is the best preserved and the most often visited of all ancient sites in Turkey. The visits will continue with the House of the Virgin Mary. Have Lunch in the ancient town of  Selcuk and drive to the historic seacoast city of FOCA - one of the most important centers amongst the 12 Ion cities established at Aegean coast by the ancient Ionians. Foça, besides its historical and archeological importance, is a mythological settlement whose name is mentioned in Homeros epic. Foça had lived Persian, Alexander the Great, Genevian and Ottoman eras! Dinner on your own at one of the local restaurants in the harbor area.