Accommodations and Facilities:

Like the last time, we are at Mendocino Woodlands camp #1.

There are 4-bed enclosed cabins with fireplaces and balconies, and a spacious dance hall separate from the dining hall. Each cabin group has bathrooms with hot showers. There are swimming holes nearby (I hope), and lots of hiking trails. The camp is generally hilly, but there is plenty of flat space for tents, if you want more privacy. Cabins are assigned first come first serve basis based on when your registration was received. We will try to accommodate your requests but no guarantees. The cabins have cots and mattresses, but no bedding or pillows, so bring your own.
Don’t forget your flashlight.



Our kitchen crew aims to please, but cannot be responsible for special diets other than vegetarian. The protein we provide in the meals for vegeterians may not be suitable or enough for you. Please provide for yourself regarding in this matter by bringing the kind of protein you like (like protein bars). There will be plenty of variety, but if you have selected the vegetarian menu, you have to stay with it for the entire week. Regretfully, we cannot accommodate half and half, or any selective diets.


Helpful Hints:

There is always a fire hazard at camp, so be careful with cigarettes.

NO SMOKING INSIDE ANY STRUCTURE, and no candles or kerosene or oil lamps in the cabins. Please! We need everyone’s cooperation at cleanup time after meals and in helping to keep bathroom areas clean. We may ask each camper to help in the kitchen a few times during the week.

Warm bedding, warm clothes (evenings could get very cold, sometimes in the low 40's. A down sleeping bag is suggested), window covering for your cabin, pillow, towels, toiletries,rain gear, flashlight and extra batteries (there is no electricity in the cabins), hard soled shoes or boots for dancing, your own drinking cup, mosquito repellent, vitamins, Kleenex, shower slippers, hangers (there are closets in the cabins), musical instruments, song words, recording devices with lots of batteries.


Instruments: Bring your own, any you can borrow, and any you’re willing to lend others. Remember to label any instrument you’re lending. If you need to borrow an instrument, we’ll do our best to provide one for you but as you may expect, most ethnic instruments are hard to come by and probably will not be available to borrow. However Rhythm Fusion from Santa Cruz will be setting up a stand at the camp and will be offering a wide verity of Middle Eastern Instruments for sale. If you are thinking of purchasing an instrument it is a great opportunity to buy from a reputable merchant.